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How to Completely Reset Network Settings on Windows 10

Adding a less famous update on the anniversary of Windows 10 is the network reset function. This feature makes a clean erase of the network drivers and settings so you can start over.
This is especially useful if you encounter network problems and do not appear to have tried to resolve the problem. If you are in an anniversary version of Windows 10 and you are struggling to get in touch, network reset may be just what you need to get back online.

What is Network Reset?

Before we discuss how to turn on network reset, let us exert a look at what it does. Resetting the network is not as simple as closing down and restarting network drivers or erasing network details. Somehow, resetting the network can considered a "full reset" solution to resolve the network problem.

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When the network restarted, the computer cleaned of all network drivers. Once all drivers have cleaned and the computer restarts, all network settings will set to the original settings. Windows will try to download and reinstall the drivers for your network devices.
This indicates that the current way of accessing the Internet will lose the ability to communicate. As such, it is a great idea to possess the drivers handy for your Wi-Fi adapter before implementing this method, just in case; Windows does not load the drivers for you. In addition, if you have VPN, network reset will cause corruption with it. As such, it is best to prepare for a complete reinstallation of any VPNs you use, so you can resume after the network reboot.

When should I use it?

As it is covered, network restart will give a complete sweep of all network controllers and configurations. This indicates that the first port should not connected when it has problems joining to the network, in fact, it should added!

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Before deleting your computer's network settings, you must test all available methods to fix the network connection. We wrote about some tricks you can try, so try before you do a reset. However, if you have tried everything in the book and seem to possess nothing to do, then go forward and try to re-establish.

Back to Basics

If you have network problems with Windows 10 and there does not look to do anything to fix, it may better you restore your network. While it should totally use as a last option, from an empty list it may just be what your PC requires.

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