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The greatest mods for the Samsung galaxy s8

The new smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8 plus, are truly excellent smartphones when we talk about highlights and performance.

Fingerprint sensor that protrudes

As beautiful as the Galaxy S8 can be, the fingerprint sensor is a major design flaw. From the delicate position, you cannot say that apart from the camera window. For one thing, your smartphone will unlock when it stutters helplessly on your camera. On the other hand, the camera's glass becomes dirty when it presses the fatty fingers into it, resulting in wasted time and blurry images.

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When opinion creator YouTube Quinn Nelson Galaxy S8 fell, the glass broke again. He ordered an alternate part, committed himself to it, and therefore made a fortunate mistake. The fingerprint sensor - which has been running - has been surfacing a little since then, allowing it to be blindly discriminated from the flat-mounted camera

Pixie re-mapping

People always talk about how they want to redraw a goblin button. Bixby Re-designers' graphics have been slowly expanding in the Play market, and even some root-based tools allow the Pixie button to reboot. Some applications do not require root.
Since Samsung finally substituted capacitive buttons with screen navigation, we have new choices.  We can change the system from Samsung default settings of recent applications/home/back to industry standard return/home/recent sorting applications. However, we can freely determine the color of the bar behind the buttons.

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you can use your PC to enhance the color options accessible for adjusting the color. Using the debugging interface and the ADB shell, you can give a command to edit the navigation bar color from your computer to your s8.

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