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The best three keyboard shortcuts you should know

Using keyboard shortcuts can increase productivity, reduce repetitive stress, and help maintain your focus. For example, to copy the text, you can highlight the text and press the shortcut as Ctrl + C.
Here are the best three keyboard shortcuts we suggest everyone learn and use.
Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y
  • Pressing Ctrl+Z will release any change. For example, if you cut text, pressing this key together will undo the cut.
  • You can use these shortcuts various times to undo or redo various changes. Pressing Ctrl+Y would redo the undo.
  • On Apple computers, use Cmd+Z and Cmd+Y to undo and redo.
  • Alt + Tab or Ctrl + Tab
  • Press Alt + Tab to switch between open programs to continue. For example, if the browser window is open and other programs are running in the background, hold down Alt and then press the tab key to navigate through each open program.
  • On Apple computers alternatively of using the Alt key, use the command. For example cmd + tab to switch between open programs.

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Additional Hint: Press Ctrl+ Tab to change the tabs of a program. For example, if you have multiple tabs open in your web browser, press Ctrl + Tab to switch between them.
ctrl + Backspace and ctrl + Left or Right Arrow

NOTE: The following shortcuts are only for computer users and do not work on Apple computers.

Pressing Ctrl + Backspaces’ will delete one entire word at a time rather than a single character.
If you hold down the ctrl key while pressing the left or right arrow, the cursor moves one word at a time instead of one character at a time.

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