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How to view two windows side-by-side using Smart Window

Smart Window, or Snap, lets the user view two windows alongside each other in Windows 7. Smart Window is also valuable if you do not prefer to handle Alt-Tab to switch between two windows.
Press and Move on the top title bar of the first window so your mouse cursor strikes either the left or right side of the screen. Allow going out the window once you see the outline of the window resize to ½ of your screen.

  • Choose the different window you desire to view the position of the first window. Press and Pull the second window to the other side of the screen until the mouse cursor strikes the area of the screen and resizes to the other ½ of your screen.
  • You can perform these steps using the Windows key, the left and right arrow keys by performing the following steps.
  • While pressing the Windows key on the keyboard, press the left or right arrow to move the open window to the left or right panel of the screen.

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  • Choose the other window that you want to display next to the window in Step one.
  • When using the Windows key for this step, as described in the first step above, use the opposite arrow button (right or left) that you used in step one.
  • There are three different ways out of this view. Here are some different ways to do this.
  • Click and drag the window so that the mouse cursor touches the top of the screen and leaves the window back to normal size.

If you just want to see a window, click on an empty spot at the top, while holding down the mouse button, shake the window you want to see. Shaking will reduce all other windows to the taskbar. To reopen the minimized windows, Press the Windows key on the keyboard and press the up or down arrow at the same time. The up arrow will maximize the window and the down arrow will reduce the window.

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