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How to switch off the camera shutter sound on android smartphones

By default Android devices make a sound when you take a photo using the camera application. However, sometimes you may require taking photos secretly, without the phone making any sound.


Before you switch off the shutter sounds on your phone, here is a word of warning.
In some areas, secrecy rules make it forbidden for anyone to switch off the camera shutter sound.
Be sure that the law allow it in your area before following any of the preparations below.
Most Android phones feature camera mute in the application settings, but this does not signify that all devices support this feature, as they are not integrate into each other, to guard the secrecy of other people.

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Mute the camera through the application settings:

If you are lucky, just go to the camera application and then the settings and you will find a choice to control the sound of the camera where you can mute it easily.
Once you mute the camera, you do not have to worry about it when you take a picture.

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Mute the camera by setting the mute or vibrate mode:

If you do not find the option of mute the camera in the settings, you can simply put your smartphone in silent mode or vibration mode, by lowering the volume to the lowest level.
This is the easiest way to mute the camera but do not forget that this means that you will not be alerted when you arrive with incoming calls or messages you receive.

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