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How to store photos to SD card on your smart phone

The method for most phones is just alike; therefore, it can be used to any Android phone with a Micro SD card slot. However, the actions may vary a bit from smartphone to another, or among Android versions, you will discover the method if you comprehend around it a bit.

How to save Photos on SD card at Android  Nougat

Lucky people who have phones with Android Nougat can save photos direct to a Micro SD card alternately of their phone’s storage. There are two methods to facilitate this, and the first method for both is to implant the Micro SD card and then open the default camera app on your phone. Then, you may performed with a prompt that allows changing your storage settings so that photos will store to the Micro SD card from now on. If you do not see, a pop-up box do not worry. You can also choose the Micro SD card as your favored photo storage method in your camera app's settings menu. Though, just go to the camera settings and navigate to storage choices, then select the SD card option.

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How to save photos to SD card on Android Marshmallow

Insert your SD card into your phone, open the camera app and a message will appear requesting if you need to switch the storage location to the SD card. The similar pop-up appears on the most phones when starting the camera app after entering an SD card. Accept your phone's request, so all coming photos will be saved in the external card.
If this pop-up does not rise, or you possess an SD card in your smartphone, you must configure it yourself. To do this, go to Settings in the camera app and navigate to Storage. That is where you can choose the internal storage or the Memory Card.

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