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How to get rid of ''Google play authentication is required'' error

The common problem "Google authentication is required" makes you wonders why.
You all know that Android-based mobile phones completely based on the Google Play Store.
Solving this problem is easy, so do not worry, let me review the simple problem-solving steps in three steps.

The first step:

  • Delete the Google account.
  • This error maybe caused by an update in Google Play Store, all you have to do is delete the Google account by going to Settings and then account and delete the account.
  • If you registered more than one account on your phone, delete the account that is causing the problem.
  • Then add the account again and it will solve the error.
  • If not, do the second step.

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The second step:

  • Clear data
  • In order to erase the data belonging to the Google Play Store, you have to go to the Settings and then Applications and look for a Google store then chose to wipe the data.
  • If this step does not work, proceed immediately to Step 3.
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The third step:

  • Install the latest version of Google Store.
  • If the previous two steps did not work with you, the problem may be with the Google Play Store installed on your computer.

All you have to do is cancel the updates for the Google Store, then install the latest version of Google Store, then log in to your account this will solve the problem permanently.

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