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How to Fix “We Couldn’t Create a New Partition” Error When Installing Windows 10

Sometimes, Windows may show you a read failure message "We were unable to create a new partition or determine an existing partition." This error can occur for any number of reasons, even on hard disks that work completely. In these cases, you could try to resolve this error and continue installing Windows 10.

1. Disconnect additional hard disks

It is now very common to use a plug to install Windows and storage of regular HD data. When using multiple hard disks, the first and most important thing is to disconnect all hard disks except the main hard disk where Windows installed. Once you have separated all your other hard drives.

Try reinstalling Windows and see if you can continue with the installation.

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 2. Disconnect all USB drives and memory cards

Unlike the actual USB drive that runs Windows 10, if you have other USB drives and memory cards connected to your system, in rare cases Windows can confuse these disks with normal hard disks. Disconnect these additional USB drives or memory cards and try to install Windows again.

3. Use the USB 2.0 drive

If you are utilizing a USB 3.0 boot drive to install Windows, it may additionally be the reason Windows gives you this specific error. To resolve them, you could try utilizing a USB 2.0 drive.

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 4. Activate the partition

If the above methods do not work, the partition trying to install Windows 10 may not be active. To create an active partition, you must access the command prompt. To reverse to the first Windows installation screen, click on the "Repair your computer" link. Now, click Troubleshoot, and then click the Command Prompt option.
The above procedure opens a command line. Type diskpart here and press enter. This diskpart utility opens to be able to make the partition active.
Now, use the following command to list all the disks on your system.
list disk
After inserting all the disks, find the disk where you want to install Windows. In my case, the disc number is "0." Type the following command to select the disk:
select disk 0
Do not miss remember to replace "0" with the actual disc number.
To erase the selected disc:
To make the disk primary, run the command
create partition primary
Activate the partition:
After activating, type
format fs=ntfs quick
to format it in the NTFS file system.
Now you can assign the disk by executing the command
That’s it, execute the exit command twice to close the diskpart utility and command prompt.

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