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How to Find the Passwords to Wi-Fi Networks Your Android Connects

Your Android smartphone must have been your smart fellow throughout your modern life and you must have connected it to tens of Wi-Fi networks at different places. But, when you want to have an instant access to any of those networks, you cannot remember the password and they are nowhere in your phone to see!
Do not worry; Alexandros Schillings has developed this app called WiFi Key Recovery, to help you out.

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Install the app for free and follow these steps and get instant access to all the passwords saved in your Android device.
  • Type “Grant” on the popup after you install the app. 
  • A list will be displayed on the screen with all the Wi-Fi passwords you ever connected to.  
  • You will see each entry in the field “psk.” 
  • But your list of Wi-Fi passwords can be quite long if you had many visits to different networks. 
  • In this case search for a particular password in the "SSID Quicksearch" field. 

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You can also share these passwords on other devices as well.  You can use Android’s built-sharing system. Just click on any password you choose and a menu will pop up. Other way is to use QR code but that comes after installing another app. So, weigh your options and act accordingly!

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