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Discover the last modified date and time of a web page

Most of the web pages that do not list the last date and time, they updated, modified, or changed.
This information can defined by applying one of the recommendations in the following sectors.
Internet Archive
However, this site will not provide you with the demanding adjusted date; it should provide you a general idea.

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In addition, it authorizes you to view the history of a page, even if it is offline, go to the Internet Archive, and then enter the URL of the page in question into their search bar.
JavaScript in address bar

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Copy and Paste the JavaScript line from the box below into the address bar.
JavaScript: alert (document.lastModified)
Note: With dynamically generated content this will not run. In addition, latest Internet browsers with an Omni box need the user to manually type in JavaScript: even after, they paste the entire line.

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With the current status of Internet everything is being tracked and certainly there are more than one ways to do stuff. The process which is being described above or even in different articles at this blog are totally selected up research done vitally just to provide our readers best and easiest options available.

Please share your views and thoughts, that would make us do more for you.


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