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Android Accessibility Settings: 3 Hidden Options everyone should be Using

The Android phones have many of integrated accessibility options for those with hearing difficulties, vision problems or any number of other conditions that may hinder the standard operation of the android phones.

Here are three accessibility options you could use.

1. Magnification gestures

Have you known how we show you Google Maps gestures with a hand in the past, how to zoom in? Well, you could do the same on a system scale with the possibility of zoom gestures. If you allow the option, you can triple-tap and triple-click to zoom out. If you click on the triangle grip, you can temporarily expand the screen and scroll around, and then release it back to normal. It is a very helpful feature once you begin using it.

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2. Text to speech

Probably the most famous of all accessibility features, maybe you have even used this. All you must do is enable the TTS engine and then download the language package you need.
I use TTS as an easy way to get all the content you save for a readable pocket later. What I never got to. So just press the menu button on an article that I have saved in my pocket and let Google read me the article while preparing dinner. This, my friends, is the determination of laziness! However, I would rather call it power.

3. Talkback / Touch Scan

The Talkback is wonderful, especially if your sight is as bad as mine is or if you have lost your glasses. You can even use this if the screen has problems, as long as the touchscreen continues to respond. Once the option enabled, no matter how you press, press or activate, you will speak aloud. To explore by touch is the same under a different name. Additional settings for the Talkback are huge and definitely worth looking over.

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