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10 Essential Firefox Add-ons


Have you ever wished you could "trim" a piece of the web page the way you rip an article out of a magazine? Clipmarks permits you to do that, then tag, classify, and distribute your clips. The easy toolbar is possible for Firefox.

DownThemAll 1.0

This download manager enables you to quicken, queue and create batch bursts based on predefined patterns.

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Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer 1.0.1

Foxmarks synchronize your bookmarks between different computers and operating systems, making them ideal for storing your office and reference libraries in harmony.

FoxyTunes 2.96

FoxyTunes can manage any of the more than 30 media players (including iTunes, Music Match, and Windows Media Player) directly from the browser window. The artist displays and tracking information, game controls slider to adjust the discrete size in your browser.

Gmail Manager

This extension permits you to control various Gmail accounts and obtain fresh email announcements as a popup in the status bar, eliminating the need to keep Gmail begin in a different window.

Googlepedia 0.5.1

Googlepedia shows you the most appropriate Wikipedia article along with Google search results.

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Greasemonkey allows you manage the way web pages look and work. There are numbers of free scripts available, enabling for a wide variety of customization.

Reload every

This extension lets you program Firefox to update all open tabs or a tab, after a limited duration of time. It is valuable for monitoring very active forums.

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 Session Manager

Session Manager allows you to save the layout and addresses of all tabs when you exit Firefox, allowing you to keep the same layout if you open your browser again.

Tree Style tab is 0.6.2

As the name implies, this extension enables you to have a tab tree style tab, such as a tree view folder that used in Windows Explorer.

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