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What In Ubuntu And What Not In Windows?

If you are thinking that Linux based Ubuntu is bad and not user friendly, you might very well be wrong. If you think that Windows is very popular because it is superior to Ubuntu in all comparisons, again you better re-think. See what in Ubuntu and what not in Windows.

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To point out what is in one and totally not in the other will be difficult and futile. See for instance Microsoft which did not support Linux officially, seems to have found that inclusion is the key formula in marketing and is reaching out towards Linux, although a bit few months back.

#What in Ubuntu - Free

Published and supported by Canonical Ltd, this Linux operating system (Debian-based) is open source meaning that it can be used free of cost and anyone can even improve upon it. Interesting, isn't it? You can always donate, but that is not a compulsion.

At the time of writing this post Windows 10 Home costs 7999 INR (116 USD appx.)*, and Pro costs 14999 INR (218 USD appx.)*.

what in ubuntu-windows prices

* [Calculated at a value of 1 USD = 68.77 INR and rounded off to nearest integer]

It is right that Windows 10 indeed was a free upgrade till 29th July 2016, but that was for those using previous versions of Windows.

But this does not mean that Windows is inferior to Ubuntu or not even the other way round. It depends on the users' requirements, preferences and affordability for sure.

#What in Ubuntu - Updates at One Stop

Newer Windows 10 is notorious for pop-ups with signed in accounts - Microsoft, Outlook and other apps for that matter. The purposes might be good and so might be the experience for some users. But we found it annoying at times while doing serious tasks. You are reading some technical stuffs that you hardly understand without the eyebrows pulled together (or may be you are submerged in a novel!), and it joyfully notifies you of some updates. Moreover, Windows treats Operating System and Apps separately which means that you have to go to two different places to manage them.

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For Ubuntu, there is an update manager dedicated for similar stuffs of updates for Operating System and all the installed applications. So, that is one stop for managing both. I find this more pleasant.

what in ubuntu-ubuntu update

#What in Ubuntu - Security

Ubuntu is less permissive related to system changes - like the requirement of password for installing applications which will somewhat lessen play-ground for malware and virus. Add to it Ubuntu's much lesser popularity compared to Windows, and hence a much smaller target for malware and virus makers.

Windows does have a lot of security features but then it is a huge target with huge popularity and user counts.

#What in Ubuntu  - More User Customization

Although Windows 10 improved on more customization from previous versions of Windows, finally you are changing only wallpapers, tiles and some colors in the start menu.

what in ubuntu-customizations

Ubuntu seems to have more space for user while talking about customization - let it be Windows buttons, icons or other features in the desktop.

#What in Ubuntu - Low Usage of System Resources

Ubuntu is found to be using much less system resources than Windows 10. Even a bit of difference will turn out to be great point of consideration for user with limited system configurations.

#What in Ubuntu - Portability

Ubuntu can very well be carried in portable boot-able device with every features usable which means that you do not have to install it completely to a system. You can try it and see if you like it, via a portable booting device, and install only when you are convinced about this Operating System.

With Windows, you will have to install into your system in order to use it. Interesting, isn't it?

Both Canonical and Microsoft seems to be working towards a concept of convergent idea as it is likely proven that one cannot press proprietary products whether through habit forming campaign or free-usage. A balance between quality, comfort, cross-platform, cost, and some factors needs to be considered for popularity.

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