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Top 7 Apps for Earning Money on Android

 Earning online is a tempting trend that no one can resist. It is an easy and convenient way of earning and since you own a smartphone, why not to go for it? These apps can be your best assistant if you are serious:


This app brings you a bunch of easy jobs like completing surveys, downloading free apps, registering with websites, videos and referring friends but you earn real cold cash.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google is also offering online earning. New surveys and questions come to you from Google. Give your answers and earn money. But they come with a deadline so check frequently!


This app is a huge website and it needs some real hard work in order to find work and earn. You can do big projects and earn good bucks alongside earning a strong profile on the website.

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Test out apps and earn money through AppCasher. You get gift cards for shipping from Amazon or iTunes or just transfer your cash to your PayPal account.


For photographers, this app is a chance of life. You can also work on products and surveys. You get easy and quick tasks through PiniOn! Get your pay in PayPal or bank account.


You love photography? Download this app and put your photos for sale. The app helps you fixing the parameters. Redeem your cash when it is $5.


This works like AppCasher but gives you points. 1000 points correspond to $1.

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