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Should We Expect the Destiny from Android 8.0 'Oreo'?

New version of Android by the name of 8.0 Oreo is in the market. But is it getting to the same technical comfort you expect? Experts share some different opinion.

This time Google has taken a sharp turn from “sweet” names to a rare marine animal. What message really Google wants to convey? Well, this is one of Google’s tricky games with its fans. It has happened in the past as well when Google pranked us all.

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Google has a history of trolling its fans, no doubt, as we all remember the release of Easter egg. At that time, many expected the next beta version of android would be carrying a name a strange as “Rumpelstilzchen.”


All in all, the time to believe your eyes is to see it published and posted somewhere. What is wrong with Oreo? It is quite sensible.  So, no trick and we are pretty fine with the new name.

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However, check out the new Easter egg in Android 8.0 but do not System > about phone, tap "Android version" 7 times. Now press it for long and enjoy the interactive Oreo.
Now, tell us how is the new deal? Still think it a prank of Google?

Please share your views and thoughts, that would make us do more for you.


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