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Know the Anatomy of the iPhone 5S Hardware

iPhone 5s Hardware Breakdown

Before buying or upgrading to any phone you should be well aware of its features and specifications. Here is the proper detailed breakdown of how you can get to know your iPhone 5s. According to the numbers on the image:
1) General/Silent
The small switch helps in keeping your calls and texts silent or on ringer.
2) Antennas
The thin lines on either side of your 5s are used in connecting and picking up cellular network signals.

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3) Front Cam
Measuring 1.2 mp and shooting 720p videos, the small dot is your camera.
4) Call Speaker
When your attending calls, press this speaker to your ear to listen better!
5) Headset Socket
Plug your headphones, aux cables and stereo plugs in this socket.
6) Power Button
Used in powering off your 5s, putting it to sleep and take a screenshots (+ the Home button)

7) Home
Your fingerprint scanner as well as switch to your home screen and when double clicked allows you to kill running apps.

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8) Volume Buttons
Adjust the volume of your music, videos and calls with these buttons.
9) Charging Port
Connect your iPhone to speaker docks and charger cables through this port.
10) Audio Speaker
Music and videos blare through these speakers.
The rest of the components are (listed in order:
11) Mic
12) SIM Pocket
13) 4G LTE Network
14) Secondary Camera
15) Second Mic
16) Camera Flash

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