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iOS 11 Welcomes 14 New Awesome Features

It is common sense that every iOS upgrade is better than its predecessor. With every new upgrade, newer features and higher technology is used to better it. Check out the 14 new features iOS 11 brings:

New App Store Style

Large images with clear text are the #1 priority this time. There are also 2 separate categories made for Games and Apps.

Save Passwords

iCloud Keychain brings you a new feature which is built in to Safari and helps in saving your app/website passwords straight to your iCloud account and every device linked with that account remembers your passwords.

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Shifting Files

Upgrading to a new phone? iOS 11 helps with that! Put your old phone in Automatic Setup mode and scan the image on your old phone with your new phone. Wait for your files to be transferred!

Share Wi-Fi

Long gone are the days when you hand your phone to someone and they type out their Wi-Fi password for you. In iOS 11 all you have to do is click “Send Password” and Wi-Fi automatically connects on their phone.

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Record Screens

You no longer have to use screen recording apps to record your activity. The new OS has a built-in feature and you can find it in the Control Center.

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Other features include storage space saving, Do Not Disturb While Driving mode, customizable control center, multilingual Siri, camera improvements, multi-room audio, pay for your friends with Apple Pay, Augmented Reality and iPad upgradation to laptop display.


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