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How to Stream TV shows and movies for free on Android

Free apps are a real blessing. They enable you to enjoy a whole load of movies and games for free. When it comes to entertainment, do not forget to find these few popular apps to make your weekends special:

The CW Network

For the fans of The Vampire Diaries, America's Next Top Model, Supernatural and Arrow this app is the best choice. It is a good app that runs smoothly and does not ask for your TV subscription credentials.

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CBS app gives you open hand to download episodes of shows like Criminal Minds,The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, etc. plus late night shows, especially Craig Ferguson’s show.

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Famous Crackle is also free and it brings new TV shows every month. You get an excellent selection of media through interval running ads. It functions excellent and has a huge fame for quality.


History Channel’s is another great app when you can watch fun reality shows for free. Search for topics of shows which make it super easy-to-use. But expect several ads down each episode!

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Go easy with movies and TV shows on your tablet or smartphone if you have downloaded Hulu. No subscription fee and tons of classic shows! Your perfect companion alone or with family.
Other than there are SPB TV, Toonmania, Crunchyroll and FilmOnm all for free. Enjoy real entertainment in your free time for free!

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