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How to Stop Apps from Running in the background on android

Is your phone overheating? Or is it slow? If yes, you need to check if the apps are running in the background and heating the device or slowing it down.

Enable the developer options first. Go setting > About > tap build number a few times. When developer options open you stop tapping. In some other sets, the sequence is: Settings > Developer Options > Processes. This process shows you all the running apps and their RAM consumption.

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Be careful while stopping apps because some apps are essential for phone performance. IN newer versions of phones the order is Settings > Developer options > Running services to find the running apps.

If these methods do not give you access to running apps, Google the model of your phone and find the suitable method.  In Meizu, for example, you need to enter ##6961## > Settings > Accessibility > Developer options > Process statistics.
New Marshmallow editions’ process is Settings > Memory > Memory used by apps. Here you can manually pick an app and close it.  

Do not stop apps labeled as 'Google Services' or only 'Google' to save your phone from crashing. You can also find the apps in the list where you can stop them. Necessary apps are usually not stopped by force. You can stop apps like Kik or FB Messenger without causing any error or crashing of phone. But Kik can restart even after you stop it through the said process. Here, you Force Stop it or uninstall it. Other apps that are rarely used should be uninstalled.


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