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How-to: Safeguard Your Notifications, Calls and Texts with a Password

Protecting your private information and activity on your device is imperative. You never know who is snooping, hacking and targeting your personal info for their own purposes. Here’s how you can safeguard all your info with a password:

Signal Private Messenger

Not only is this app a whole new messaging system but it also brings you the opportunity to password protect your notification previews, texts and calls. You can download it from this link. Here’s how to setup a password or passphrase:
  • Click on the ellipsis on the top right.
  • Choose settings
  • Open Privacy
  • Enable “Enable Passphrase”

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  • Type out your passphrase twice on the screen that’ll come up.
  • Click OK
  • Try your best to produce a passphrase which is a combination of symbols, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters.

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As long as Signal Priv. Messenger keeps running in the background of your device, there is no need to input your passphrase. Fix that by applying a timeout. Here’s how:
  • Go back to Privacy
  • Enable “Inactivity timeout passphrase”

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  • Click on “Inactivity Timeout Interval” and adjust it to your liking
Now that you have fixed the timeout period, Signal will automatically auto lock your notifications, calls and texts after the given time you set. If you are sitting alone, click on the small eyeball near the passphrase space so you can see the characters you’re writing.

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