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How to Operate Your Android Device from a Computer

Advancing technology is increasing our efficiency at work. Now you can connect to your friends through text messaging from your PC. No need to handle your mobile and the computer both if you have work. Here are steps to enable messaging on your PC:

1. Install ADB

For Window users, installing ADB drivers is essential to enable texting. Ma users do not need this. Now, launch the installed drivers.

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2. Enable USB Debugging on Your Mobile

Your Android needs this step. This sets your hand device to allow connections from your computer with a USB data cable. 

3. Enable Developer Options

Open Setting menu on your smartphone. Find “Developers Option” and enable it. Next is “debugging option” and you will need to enable this also! Click “OK” on the popup.

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4. Allow ADB Connection

While your phone is still connected the computer, a popup message will ask you if you want to allow ADB connections from this PC. Click “OK” the popup and tick a box next to it saying "Always allow from this computer," too.

5. Install Vysor App

Find in your Google Chrome browser Vysor App and install it. After installation launch the app.

6. Find Your Android

Find your device on Vysor's main menu and click on it. Your PC screen will be mirrored over to your phone. 

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7. Operate Your Phone

Now, your phone is displayed on the screen. Operate it using keyboard shortcuts.

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