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How to Fix a Slow Android Smartphone with Simple Tips

Technology doesn’t age and go out of order! We simply forget how to handle our smartphones well enough. If you’re facing slow performance in your Android phone here are some tips:

Swiping Apps Left & Right

The “recently used apps” screen should not be used frequently to close apps. The apps you swipe are actually still running in the background. Swiping them will simply leave the apps working and you’re not actually closing them. If you want to force stop an app from functioning go to Settings > Apps > Choose Your App > Force Stop.

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Clear the Junk

Make a habit of uninstalling the apps you are not using to free up RAM and ROM space. Thus, your Android phone runs faster.

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Deactivate Animations

Taking up a lot of RAM space, system animations need to be disabled for a faster performance. Go to Developer Options > About > Build Number. Tap the Build Number option 5-8 times until Developer Menu appears. Go to Developer Options and turn off animator duration scale, transition animation scale and window animation scale.

Clear Cache Data

Go to Storage of your phone > tap on Cached Data > tap Ok on the screen that comes up.
Other ways of speeding up your sluggish Android phone are: remove widgets, reset your phone, make use of Google Chrome’s data saver mode and swap your SD card with a faster one.

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