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How to Enjoy Free Wi - Fi Anywhere

Finding free Wi-Fi is like getting a treat from a friend. You can get it either absolutely for free or at the cost of a cup of coffee. Here’s how:



With Your Scanner

Use your Android a Wi-Fi around. Only go to Settings > Wi-Fi and look for connections that are either 'open' or 'unsecured' and choose.  Cafes also offer free Wi-Fi. But keep focused on your Android scanner for best options.

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Facebook "Find Wi-Fi"

Open FB app on your Android or iPhone and click “More.” You will see "Find Wi-Fi." By clicking on it you will see all Wi-Fi sources around you. This FB service is very helpful.

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Visit the library

Libraries have free Wi-Fi for sure. You can always visit your nearest library and find free Wi-Fi. Most of the times the password is displayed in written form and you can find it easily.
Wi-Fi with Cable Subscription

Many cable networks include free Wi-Fi access in the deal. Check with their customer service if the subscription is added with it.

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The major business centers in the city and the hotspots also have free Wi-Fi. You can take a stroll to a nearby spot and get access to their Wi-Fi.

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