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How to Delete Songs from iTunes

Music choice is very variant these days and new tunes are constantly hitting the charts. Many iOS users find trouble in removing unwanted songs from their iTunes. Check out how:

Take Your Pick

First you have to choose which song(s) you want to remove. Select one song by clicking it once and multiple songs by holding down the Shift key while clicking them. To select songs far away from each other hold down the Command key on Mac and Control key on Windows while choosing them. After selecting the songs you want to remove click the Delete key on your keyboard.
If you want to delete a whole album simply open the album. Select the first track, click Shift on your keyboard and click the last track. Then click Delete on your keyboard. Same is the case with multiple songs by 1 artist.

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Delete Options

There are different options that pop up once you choose to delete your songs/albums/artists from iTunes. They are:

Remove Download

Helps in deleting the song from your hard drive but it’ll stay in your library for future purposes.

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Move to Trash

For older versions of iTunes, the song will move to your Trash Bin where you can officially delete it from there.

Delete Song

The designated track(s) will be deleted from your iTunes and iCloud music library and finally will land in your Trash Bin where you can permanently delete it.

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