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How to Clean/Merge Duplicate Contacts for Android

Clutter in your Contacts is super disturbing and annoying. Not only does it confuse you but it also leads to a jam packed phone which is the last thing you need. Here’s how you can either merge or clean repeated contacts on your Android:

On Your Smartphone

Depending on which brand of Android phone you are using (it differs) go to Menu > Manage Contacts. You will get a screen with options of “Import”, “Back up”, “Copy” and lastly: Merge. Click on Merge and you will get a screen with all your repeated contacts. Choose which to merge!

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From Google Contacts

As your Android phone is directly connected to your Gmail account, login to your Gmail > go to Contacts. Spot the Duplicates option on the tab to the right. Click Merge on each! Or delete if you like.


Third Party Apps

As always, the Google App Store provides the answer to all your problems. Find yourself a merging app and download it after taking notice of its reviews and ratings. Opt for apps with a greater percent of satisfied customers. This method is perfect for those people with hundreds and thousands of contacts on their phone.

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