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How to Avoid Getting Your Phone Stolen with Nifty Tricks

Losing one’s smartphone is an entirely unpleasant ordeal to go through after all the hard work you have inputted into acquiring it. Here’s what you have to do to avoid losing your phone beforehand:

Facilitate Remote Actions

If you’ve unfortunately left your phone unlocked upon its theft, opt for Android Device Manager to locate it. Previously named “Find My Device”, you should enable this at once to evade future disasters.

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Keep Your Updates Updated!

Google is constantly updating their various apps, debugging them and strengthening them against all viruses and malware. Turn on auto updates from Play Store > Settings > Auto-update apps.

Say No to Exterior Apps

The Google Play Store is the perfect spot to download all your apps for it is a safe environment with no viruses or malware. Avoid downloading anything from an outside provider and keep the “Allow downloads from unknown sources” (in your Settings) box unticked.

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A Screen Lock is Imperative

Go to your Settings > Lock Screen and opt for whichever lock screen type you want to keep your phone safe and unharmed from prying strangers.

Smart Lock for the Smartest

Smart Lock a feature enabled in all Android phones helps in keeping your phone locked and unlocked under your supervision.
Other ways to keeping your phone safe is by using the features of guest mode, trusted devices, on-body detection, trusted places and modify app permissions.

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