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Forgot Your Android’s Password? Here are 7 Ways to Unlock

Here are 7 ways to unlock your Android smartphone:

Android Device Manager

Click refresh of your device nearly 5 times and it will connect to Google. Click the “Lock” button and enter a new password and click enter “Lock.”

Find My Mobile

Make an account on Samsung service “Find My Mobile.” Log in to your account and click "Lock my screen" and enter a new PIN.

Forgot Pattern

Click on “Forgot Pattern” on the screen of Android 4.4. Log in Gmail and get instructions in an email.

Factory Reset

Factory reset is a common method for many Android devices to create a new PIN.

Delete Password File

Connect your device with PC to access ADB account. Type there “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” and follow the instructions.

 Third-Party Lock Screen

A third-party app can help you to boot your device into safe mood. Press the power off button from the menu of lock screen. Click “OK” and it will end with temporarily disabled third-party lock screen app. Clear data and reboot the phone.

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Crashing Lock Screen UI

For Android 5.0-5.1.1, crashing lock screen UI method works the best. Find the details and follow them through “Emergency Call.”


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