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How To Easily Find And Remove Duplicate Files

Looking for ways to ease up storage in your Windows computer? Here is the easiest way to find and remove duplicate files.

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It is much known that there are lot of duplicate files in our computers. And we all want to free up the storage un-necessarily occupied. Removing duplicate files is a wonderful way to free up computer space. Here is one that we considered best of them that is free!

There are many apps available and almost all of the good ones seem to cost some bucks. But we have found out and tried one that probably is the best and free. The name of the app is - Duplicate Cleaner. Here is how to go about it.

Steps to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Your Windows Computer

1. Open any web browser and type "duplicate remover". And click on the official site of Duplicate Cleaner App.

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2. Download and install the app.

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3. Run the Duplicate Cleaner app.

4. Select location(s) from the left side of the app  - browsing console .

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5. Run a scan by clicking on "right side arrow" to find out duplicate files in the location.

6. You will get a result of duplicate files.

find-and-remove-duplicate-files-windows-duplicate cleaner scancomplete

7. Select by ticking the files to remove.

find-and-remove-duplicate-files-windows-duplicate cleaner list of files

8. Remove the ticked files by clicking on the  "File Removal" button at the top.


9. You will be greeted with window seeking acknowledgement, go on with the confirmation steps.

find-and-remove-duplicate-files-windows-delete files

10. You finally get a final confirmation of files being removed. That is it!! You have successfully removed un-necessary duplicate files and freed up some storage in your computer.


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