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Common Passwords That Will Make You Easily Accessible

Everyone wants a strong password that is impossible to crack. Check if your passwords are in the top easy, commonly used list - "Common Passwords".

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In one of our older posts we have covered Seven Steps to Simplify Password Management. It was rightly said that we all want easier management of our passwords. But at the same time that does not mean that our passwords are easy to guess and hack. It is for sure that everyone wants their passwords to be un-hack-able, unbreakable, un-guess-able.... in short to say STRONG!

In order to set strong passwords, it is important to know what all are weak ones. Here is a list of most commonly used, easy to guess passwords. This means, you are not suppose to use them and try to set your passwords to be as different as possible from them in pattern and idea. I hope you are getting it right. So, here is the list of 25 of the very common passwords:

Common Passwords List - Top 25

Top Five
password, 123456, 12345678, 1234, qwerty

common passwords-top5

# Ranked 6th - 10th
12345, dragon, pussy, baseball, footbal

common passwords-top 6 to 10

# Ranked 11th - 15th
letmein, monkey, 696969, abc123, mustang

common passwords-top 11 to 15

# Ranked 16th - 20th
michael, shadow, master, jennifer, 111111

common passwords-top 16 to 20

# Ranked 21st - 25th
2000, jordan, superman, harley, 1234567

common passwords-top 21 to 25

Here is a list of 10,000 such commonly used passwords.

A quick simple tip to make your password strong is that you must include - small & capital letters, number & special characters, and  make sure that the password is of considerable length of characters.

common passwords-strong password tips

You can also run a strength check of the passwords that you want to use or is presently set  for your system.

common passwords-strength check

Share this knowledge with your friends and near & dear ones. Come back for more of our tech tips. Leave a comment on what did you do with your passwords.


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31 January 2018 at 08:04

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