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5 Things you do before selling your Tablet or Phone

Before selling or giving away your old smartphone, you need to do a few things to secure your personal data. Even if you are giving away your device to a friend or family member, it is always good to protect your privacy.  They also feel happy to see it looking like a new

1. Remove the SIM

This is the first thing you remove. Even if you are getting a new SIM, secure the old, too. It has all of your contacts.  For more safety of your device, you can use DIM ejection tool. But it is quite possible that you remove your SIM bare handed.

2. Remove the SD Card

Your old SD card can be fitted in your new device and you can enjoy all the old collection of your pics or music or movies. So remember to remove your SD card before giving away your phone. Copy all the photos and documents from your old device on the card; you can have them with you in the new device.

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3. Delete Personal Data

Delete all your personal messages, contacts, etc. Best thing is to factory reset your device.

4. Clean the Device

Clean the body of the device from all the spots and dirty lines. It must look shiny clean and good for giving away.

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5. Rebox, Too

If you are a careful user, you must have saved the box and extra accessories in it. Rebox the device in it again and give it away with a smile.

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