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10 Simple Steps to Restore your Water Damaged Phone

A heavy gush of rain or washroom shower can ruin your phone but there is hope of restoring its function if you follow these 10 easy steps:

1. Turn off the phone and keep it upright.
2. Remove your SIM and microSD cards from their slots and the casing, too.
3. Remove the battery also.

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4. Softly press a tissue paper all over the phone to absorb the water. Do not rub!
5. For deep water penetration, use the vacuum to suck it from all cracks and openings.

6. Fill a bowl or a ziplock bag with uncooked rice and burry the phone inside.
7. Let the phone stay dry and untouched in the rice for two days.
8. On the third day, pick your phone, dust it and insert the battery. Turn it on.

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9. In case of failure, the battery may have damaged, replace it.
10. Turn it on with a new battery and if the phone is fully dry, it will start and function. Run a thorough check on all of its functions like speakers, screen etc.

Keep your phone away from bathrooms, kitchen, rain and its best to buy for it a water resistant cover for it!

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