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Easy Effective Tech Pranks You Can Do To Your Friends

Don't you want to perform tech-pranks to a friend sometimes? Flip the computer screen of your friends and see their face when they discover that, or how about a smartphone screen that breaks when touched? Read on to find five effective tech-pranks that you can do to your friends.

The pranks mentioned here are published with the intent of sharing some knowledge for some healthy fun in life. We strongly urge you guys not to use it to harm or harass anyone. Any damage or loss whatsoever in person, material or finance is not our responsibility. If there is any possibility of such loss, simply do not use it.

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Tech-prank #1. Flip the Display of Your Friend's PC

How about flipping the screen of your friend? If this sounds like a good idea, see how simple it is to do that. It is only that we seldom use and require the option.

tech prank-flipped screen

Windows: While pressing Ctrl + Alt, if you press the down arrow the screen will be upside down. Similarly, pressing right of left arrow in the above key combination flips the screen right or left respectively.

Mac: While holding Command + Option keys simultaneously, navigate to
'System Preferences' > 'Display' > 'Rotation' (Do not leave the Command and Option keys that you pressed till this point). Now, you can release the two keys that you pressed. You can flip display and then save it or even undo the changes  you have done.

Tech-prank #2. Mouse That Do Not Work

If you want to see your friend's innocent face frown and frustrated over computer mouse that is not working, here is the prank.

Although the tech-prank relates to tech-accessory, the procedure is quite non-tech. Just tape the the optical sensor located in the lower portion of your friend's mouse, using an insulation tape.

Alternatively, you can also plug wireless mouse dongle to your friend's computer and keep the mouse with you. When your friend is using the computer,  you can very well operate the wireless mouse. You know what to do next, very well!

tech prank-mouse disabling

There are also tech-prank apps available to have mouse control through smartphones too. Look out for them, and let us know what did you find.

Tech-prank #3. Broken Screen Using App

On your friend touching the smartphone, if the screen cracks, how is the face? To see that, there are apps available. Look up for a good screen crack prank app and perform the tech-prank.

tech prank-broken screen

tech prank-broken screen

Tech-prank #4. Farting Apps

The creativity of human mind is amazing. There is no end to it. This tech-prank is a dirty one, but I could not help sharing with you - the Motion Fart app.

You install this app in your friend's mobile during opportune time and keep it, the smartphone will break a farting sound when moved (using the motion sensor). Funny, isn't it?

You can even install it in your smartphone and keep it inside your pocket and keep moving and see how your friends react, or any stranger for that matter.
tech prank-farting app

Tech-prank #5. Frequent Random Pop-ups

This prank is for your Windows using friends. How is the idea of some random pop-ups or apps that keep coming while your friend is using the computer? If that is the prank you want to do it is simple. Use the Task Scheduler feature. Go to Task Scheduler and create any new task - some app or anything you want. Then use the trigger option of the task like - "repeat every 5 minutes". This prank will run your friend wild with frustration.

tech prank-random pop up

Share knowledge with your friends and keep coming for more tech tips.


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