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Popular Remarkable Shortcut Keys For You From Now

Aren't you frustrated at times shifting one of your hands from mouse to keyboard and back? You get it right! Why not we use keyboard shortcuts? At least the easy ones to remember and to use. Here is a list of some easy to remember and easy to use shortcut keys.

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Keyboard Shortcut Keys

It has been quite a time that we posted a piece about 10 short-cut keys that you can start using while browsing. If you didn't read it that is not a problem, skim through when you have a minute. Here, again we have brought many keyboard shortcut keys for you so that you can start using one a day, for about a month. 

Alt + Ctrl + Arrow 

ALT + CTRL + 'An Arrow Key' flips the computer screen in the direction of  the arrow pressed. Although this shortcut key is rarely used, it might come handy while using projector that is fitted upside-down from the ceiling and other similar cases

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Alt + F4 - Close current window and power/shut down option

ALT + F4 closes the active window or app that you are working on. If there is no active app or window to work, this key takes you to the "Shut Down" option.

Alt + Left Arrow

ALT + Left Arrow key is equivalent tot he "back" button while you are in Web Browser.

Alt + Tab

ALT + TAB helps you to switch between tasks or windows/apps without closing the previous one. This shortcut key is useful during multitasking.

Ctrl + A

CTRL + A selects all the content in an active file browsing window, document or the content in an app.

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Ctrl + B

CTRL + B emboldens selected texts or content. Useful for text editing.

Ctrl + C

CTRL + C is equivalent to "copy" command that it copies the selected files, texts or content.

Ctrl + E

CTRL + E center aligns selected texts in word processor. This is useful in MS-Word editing.

Ctrl + F

CTRL + F opens up a search field to search for a string of texts during browsing and document.

Ctrl + I

CTRL + I italicize the selected texts. Useful for word processing and content writing.

Ctrl + J

CTRL + J justifies (Align-Justify) the selected texts. useful for text processor/ MS Word.

Ctrl + K

CTRL + K is useful to insert a hyperlink during document or content editing.

Ctrl + L

CTRL + L left-aligns the selected texts. useful for text processor/ MS Word.

Ctrl + N

CTRL + N opens a new document of a working app or a new window.

Ctrl + O 

CTRL + O enables you to open a file from your working app.

Ctrl + P

CTRL + P enables you go to printing options for printing a document or a window.

Ctrl + S

CTRL + S enables you to save a working document or a web page you are viewing.

Ctrl + U

CTRL + U underlines the selected texts. Useful while working in word processor/ MS Word.

Ctrl + V

CTRL + V enables you to paste the copied item - file or text or document in a new location.

Ctrl + X

CTRL + X cuts selected files or texts from its original location and keeps it ready (in the clipboard) for paste.

Ctrl + Y

CTRL + Y re-do the tasks that was un-done using undo (CTRL + Z). Useful while working in some app and word processor/ MS Word. Remember, Adobe Photoshop allows you to do only one step undo using Ctrl + Z.

Ctrl + Z

CTRL + Z lets you to undo changes while working in an app or word processor. Useful while working in some app and word processor/ MS Word. Remember, Adobe Photoshop allows you to do only one step undo using Ctrl + Z.

Ctrl + D -  Bookmark a Webpage

CTRL + D enables you to bookmark a page that your are browsing. Useful while browsing the web.


F2 lets you rename a file that is selected. Useful while working with files.

Shift + Arrow - Selection of text

SHIFT + Arrow lets you select the texts from the cursor position towards the direction of the arrow pressed. Useful while working with word processor/ MS Word or some app.

Shift + F7 - Thesaurus look up (MS Word)

SHIFT + F7 lets you to look up the thesaurus while working in MS Word. See if it works with other apps, and let us know.

Shift + Ctrl + T - Open closed Browser Tab (Upto about 10 Tabs)

SHIFT + CTRL + T lets you open up the browser windows that you closed. This is useful while browsing the web. The number of tabs that you can open up using this command depends on the browser app you are using. Look up for more details in one of our previous posts -10 short-cut keys that you can start using while browsing

Shift + Tab - Reverse direction of Tab Navigation

SHIFT + Tab reverses the direction of Tab Navigation.

Window + Arrow

Window + Arrow lets you snap the window back and forth. Use it and let us know what did you find.

Windows + L -Lock PC

Window + L locks the computer that you are using, no matter where you are.

Win + R - Run Command

Win  + R command opens up the command prompt. Very useful for network specialists and programmer. But it is also useful for intermediate users too to do some ping, trace route and ip configurations etc.

If you have read so far, then it is time to give you an additional tech-tip that will help you a lot while selecting contents, texts or files. If you want to select random files/texts here and there at and do some action - copy, edit, cut or anything, press the CTRL key and select using your mouse.

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Share knowledge with your friends and come back to us for more tech tips.


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