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How To Recharge Batteries - Top Futuristic Ways

Did your smartphone run out of battery when you are like in the middle of a desert? So you did think about wild ways to recharge your batteries. Here are the top futuristic technologies that we came across to recharge batteries in future technology. Some of these can somewhat be employed when you are in that desert like trouble.

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From using home-made stuffs in the kitchen to recharge batteries or to make batteries to connecting up fruits and vegetables, there are countless methods. The list is going to be populated with more and more ways.

Top Future Techs That Can Be Used To Recharge Batteries

#1. Body Heat Recharge. Yes, you read it right! It is body heat recharging. Recent innovations by Vodafone, as it is said, have resulted in the development of a Power Pocket. It is said to have charged a phone a talk-time of about little less than half of an hour in eight hours.
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#2 Friction Charging also called by its scientific name - Tribostatic Charging,  taps the charges produced from the friction between a metal and a specially manufactured plastic (any pair of materials for that matter). Don't believe it? It is successfully sold by AMPWARE.
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It is also possible that in the future, wearables or garments may be designed to tap the charges born out of frictions during our movements and the energy so tapped may be used to power devices.

#3. Fruits and Vegetables Charging. There are numerous experiments and publications, available over the internet, relating to fruits and vegetables charging. Among them, the most noteworthy to mention is the experiment carried out by artist Caleb Charland. He was successful to create a 20mA electrical current and about 6 Volts. The experiment involved about 800 apples and potatoes though.
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#4. Hydro Turbine. Almost everyone knows that water turbine is used to generate electricity. But to think it on a portable scale is quite an amazing innovation. The hydro turbine in South Korean capital city of Seoul's Cheonggyecheon River has been an encouraging one.

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#5. Wind Turbine is not a new term in the field of renewable energy. The same idea is being under development for making portable ones to power our device needs that is growing each day. A wind turbine fitted on our vehicle or conveyance machines can give good amount of energy that can be tapped for charging our electronic devices, especially smartphones.

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And did we miss the solar charger?

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Tell us what is in your mind and share your knowledge with us and friends. Let us meet up again soon with new tech stories.


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