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All The Techniques For Better Search Results In A Read

Search engines fetch a lot of garbage for our searches. Want tips about how to get better search results? It's all here.

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Search engines have become a major part of our life with lot of searches that we perform during our daily web life. But did you notice that we generally type in our words to search in the search field of search engine like - google, bing, yahoo, aol, ask.com, or any of the available engines?

And what we find is a lot of results to select from. In many instances we find the real result that we were looking for being lost in the heap of results. How about narrowing them down?

Better Search Result Techniques:

Let us see some of the most useful tools that you might want to use while searching to zoom in on the desired results.

1. Use Quotation Marks ""

If you are looking for exact set of letters or words arranged in an order and sure that they occur in that order in the web resource you are searching for, it is much more efficient to enclose them inside quotation marks and search.

2. Use Wild Card '*'
In the above technique, if you know there are some words and you forgot the exact words, you can very well use asterisk wildcards in place of the words. Here is a snapshot to illustrate.

better search result-quote and wildcard

3. Exclude Wisely Using '-'

If you are sure that the results of your search for few terms will be huge or  you find it to be huge, you can exclude results with some terms by placing the "-" symbol just before the terms to exclude.

better search result-normal and minus

4. Search Within a Site Using 'site:sitename'

If you want to search some terms in within a website  you can do that by using the terms followed by "site:'site name'".

5. Find Similar Sites Using 'related:sitename'

If you want to search sites related to a site you can do that by  using the keywords "related:'sitename'".

6. Search Cached Version of a Website Using 'cache:sitename'

This technique is used to get the latest cached resource of a website if it is unavailable live. In this way,  you might get the information that you are looking for in the cached version of the site.

7. File Type 'filetype:filetype'

While you are looking for a type of file associated with a term, you can refine the search result by using keywords 'filetype:filetype'

8. Search Page Titles With Specific Terms Using 'intitle:search term'

Here are few of the example screenshots (using sitename and related) for you to make it easier to use.

better search result-site and related

You can also refine your search results if you know for sure the title of the page you are looking for by using the keywords "intitle:'terms in the title'".

There are lot of options in the search engine itself like categorizing (all, news, images, videos, maps, books, flights....), if we talk of google. You also have the option of using search tools to refine - countries, time and verbatim etc. Similar options are available in other engines too. Wisely use the tools and options available.

There is also something called "Reverse Image Search", that we heard of. Look up for that and let us know what is that exactly, in the comment section.

Share knowledge with your near & dear ones and come back for more tech stories. Don't forget to look up for "Reverse Image Search" and share that in the comment section. See you soon.


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