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Top Programming Languages for the Future

Are you into coding or planning to learn one to start with? In both the cases, you must surely be in quest for the top programming language to learn first or unsure if your skill would survive? See if this article makes it a little easier.

Truly speaking, it depends on individual interests, capabilities and the tasks that one is set to perform. In the Web World, there are front-end and back-end programmings. And yes, full-stack programming (as the name suggests clearly that it requires a fuller knowledge.)

There are many programming languages that stands like a mountain for a long time like - Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Perl, VisualBasic.NET, and PHP and many. Nevertheless, trend changes sooner or later. Future-proof is the concept that is practiced in this field, where one plans a future trend and sharpens skills before-hand. Few programming languages that we consider you might need to have a glance are here:

1. JavaScript. 

First of all, it is not Java. JavaScript cropped up in early to mid 90s with the Netscape. It is one of the three cores of creating dynamic web contents needed along with HTML and CSS. JavaScript, although old, is observed to be rising in trend of use in the web contents. 

top programming languages-javascript-homepage

2. Ruby

Ruby was designed and developed by Japanese Yukihiro Matz Matsumoto and released in the mid 90s. It is said to have influenced, according to Matsumoto, from Perl, Eiffel, LISP, Smalltalk and Ada. Ruby is said to be designed for fun and productivity with well designed user interface emphasizing on human needs rather than system needs. Visit Ruby Homepage for more of it.

top programming languages-ruby-homepage

3. Go

A very promising google inc's Go Programming Language (golang) focuses on efficiency, inbuilt support and the most important of all - simplicity. You may visit its homepage to have a glimpse of it.
top programming languages-go-homepage

4. D

Nurtured and used by brands like Facebook, there is no doubt about its future and support. It has started to make significant followers by now. For a closer look of this programming language, visit D-Homepage.
top programming languages-D-homepage

5. Hack

Base on PHP, this newer form also powers quite a lot for Facebook back-end activities. It not far from possibility that Hack may out-run PHP. So, if you are planning to plunge into back-end coding, have a glance at Hack homepage too.
top programming languages-Hack-homepage
There are quite a lot of programming languages in play. Remain updated on the trends for each of them by reading a lot of resources available online. One of them to start with is TIOBE Index.

Remain informed and share your knowledge with friends and let us know which one are you up to.


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