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Membrane keyboard vs Mechanical: what is the best option for your profile

Computer keyboards can be found in two main types: membrane by far the most common, present in regular equipment and even notebook computers; and mechanics, keyboards considered more efficient and better performance, desirable for gamers. In the following text, you will understand what are the characteristics of each type of keyboard to decide which is the most suitable for your use.

Mechanical keyboards are for gamers and who writes a lot

The primary use of a mechanical keyboard is in games nowadays, especially those of most competitive footprint. Any player who has the ambition to stand out in eSport need to consider a mechanical keyboard because of the greater accuracy provided by the individual drive of each key.

One way to understand why the mechanic is best for those who write a lot is the strongest of the keys: There are keyboards type membrane keys that seem loose and soft to the touch. This feature makes the user needs more force to press them, increasing fatigue for prolonged use.

Membrane Keyboards are for ordinary users

If you play casually, and even if you usually enjoy big releases without ambition to turn professional, a good keyboard membrane meets your needs. The strength of this type is, in fact, undeniable that are much cheaper.

In addition to casual gamers, who see the games only distraction, the membrane keyboard is also ideal for those with a household computer. To write your posts on social networks, chat with your contacts, write emails and, occasionally, a school or college work, membrane keyboard stands as the most appropriate choice.


It is easy to separate the two options in finding the best choice: accuracy of command and comfort in long typing sessions are strengths of mechanics and for gamers who type a lot, respectively. Much lower price and quieter operation (although this depends on the typing style of those who use the keyboard) are the factors that make keyboards interesting membrane type for regular users and casual gamers.

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