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Meet five technologies abandoned by the new MacBook Pro

Apple introduced the new generation of MacBook Pro (MacBook Pro 2016 13 "and MacBook Pro 2016 15"). The laptops come with revised hardware and a new design. However, as is traditional every release of Apple, some technologies left behind, making room for controversy and criticism of the duration of the products manufacturer.

The new MacBook Pro is, for example, incompatible with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Thus, to connect the notebook to the Apple phone will need to use adapters. The same pattern is repeated, moreover, other resources used by people. Discover all the services that Apple abandoned the MacBook Pro.


One of the victims of the new generation of MacBooks Pro's MagSafe connector. With praised over the years design, this power plug used a magnetic latch to keep the connector attached to the computer, so it remained stable, but not locked.

SD card reader

Photographers and video editors are among some of the professionals who most use the MacBook. However, for this audience, there is bad news: the new versions of notebooks do not offer the slot for memory card, making the transfer of photos and videos via SD card less practical.

To move such content from the card to the MacBook, you must use a compatible card reader with USB-C, or use an old player plus a USB adapter for USB-C.

No HDMI output

The connection of the MacBook Pro with TVs, external monitors and projectors will also require adapters, or compatible devices with USB-C, since the computer does not offer more HDMI and no other particular port for video.

End of the function keys

Another low in the new MacBook are the function keys such as ESC, F1, F2, and F3. All were removed from the more expensive and equipped versions of the MacBook Pro, for a small OLED display, called Touch Bar, able to provide access to these shortcuts and individual commands, depending on the application you have open on your computer.

MacBook Air?

The big victim with the arrival of the new Pro models has everything to be the MacBook Air 13-inch, which received no new hardware. Strictly speaking, Apple does not officially the end of the line for the compact version of laptops, but the existence of the MacBook 12 "there is already a year and a half, and the fact that the MacBook Pro line has a version of 13" more account without Touch Bar, seem to set the retirement of Air soon. One indication of this is that the current MacBook Pro 13 "is smaller and lighter than the old appliance.

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