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Manage your Family better with these Android and IOS Family Apps

In the 21st century where everyone is so busy in their work, nobody has time to keep an eye on what’s happening in their families. If you are head of the family and looking for ways to manage your family without sacrificing your busy routine, then we have something for you. We have come up with some Applications for your Android and IOS smartphones which would keep you updated with the work schedules and various family activities that you will mention in these applications. Technology provides you the best solution to cope up with the problem one faces in everyday life. The Apps which would be helping you to manage your family better are:

 1. OurHome:

This App is one of the most popular apps that help to manage family activities through your Smartphone only. It is packed with features which allow users to list up all the family appointments, activities etc in the App only. The main feature of this App which differentiates it from other Apps is motivational reward points. Every time the task is completed, the family member is awarded with reward points. It also comes with shared shopping feature which allows managing the shopping needs of the family.

2. Cozi Family Organiser:

Cozi Family organiser is good App which allows users to easily manage list of activities, appointments, meetings and many other family tasks. Similar to OurHome, it also comes with shared shopping feature which allows family members to add items to the shopping list and even has the feature to cancel that order by any of the family members.

3. Keepy:

This is not same as Cozi and OurHome. It is totally a different App. It does not help you to monitor family activities but it helps to keep memories of your family in the form of images, videos, voice, text etc which can be accessed by any of the family members. Isn’t that great? Anytime you can see your family pictures etc on your Smartphone.

4. Life360:

Life360 is the tracking App through which you can keep track of your family members and their location through GPS functionality. You can send messages to all the family members at a time.

5. Care Zone:

It’s a unique App and totally different from the Apps we have discussed above. It helps to keep the track of medication of the family members means you can add medicine details, dosage and time for each and every family member. It reminds you about dosage and time for each and every family member for whom you have added details.

These Apps will surely help you to keep an eye on your family even when you have a busy routine. Do try these Apps and do share your feedbacks in the comments down below.


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