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Informative iPhone Tips That You Badly Need

Do you want your iPhone to charge up fast, control the data that the apps drain without you even knowing about it, see the signal strength in numbers, put a timer to stop the music? Or have you just switched over to iPhone from Android phones? Informative iPhone tips that you badly need are here. Read on.

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iPhone Tips #1. Fast Charging

Keeping the iPhone in Airplane Mode. Switch Off for even better result. Parts of power used for other functions can be cut off or limited by these methods.

Use of iPad Charger instead of standard wall adapter charged iPhone much faster. However, read the user manual and consider if there are any risks involved.

Temperature - Cool is better. If iPhone is hot due to excessive use or any reason, let it cool down for optimum performance during charging. By the way, do not put it in the refrigerator!

iPhone Tips-ipad adapter-flight mode-thermometer

You can also cancel Apps that are using most of the battery resources. Identify it by navigating:
Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage >

iPhone Tips-battery resource identifying

iPhone Tips #2. Know The Signal Strength

If you want to know the signal strength in numerical magnitude instead of the broad dots and bars, here is the method. Dial *3001#12345#* in your iPhone and press the call button to launch the hidden Field Test Mode.

iPhone Tips-field test mode- dial

Then press and keep it to be so until the "Slide to Power Off" screen comes - Do not slide.

Then press the home button. Now your signal strength is shown in negative number ranging from -40 to -130. Signal strength greater than -80 is good and less than -110 is bad.

iPhone Tips-field test mode-step2

iPhone Tips #3. Go Back Swiping

As there is no back button in iPhone, unlike Android phones, this tip is especially for those switching over from Android phone to iPhone. To go back, just swipe from Left to Right which is just a reverse of the general swiping while browsing through menus. Easy, isn't it?

iPhone Tips #4. Control Data Drain - Limit App Data Access

To see and limit those Apps using cellular data, navigate to

Settings > Cellular 

iPhone Tips-app data access

Here, you can see a list of Apps using cellular data. You can easily switch the toggle switch between "On" and "Off" to allow or deny cellular data, respectively.

iPhone Tips #5. Stop Music With Timer

Play you favorite music in your favorite app and go to "Clock", then make sure the you get into the "Timer" options. Set time as preferred. In the 'When Time Ends' tag, go for'Stop Playing' option. You are all done, the music will stop when the count down timer comes to Zero.

iPhone Tips-music stop timer

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