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How to set up OneDrive for Android photo backup

OneDrive for Android can back up your mobile photos just like Google Drive. For the application to automatically store your files, just connect it to your Microsoft account and activate the function.
The application also includes settings that allow the user to save space, battery and 3G internet at the time of saving the files. See, in this tutorial, a step-by-step how to keep your protected images in the Microsoft cloud service.

How to enable backup

Step 1. With your Microsoft account logged in to OneDrive, touch the sandwich button on the top left (with three dashes) of the home screen.
Step 2. On the tab that opens, tap on the settings button (with contraption format).
Step 3. Then go to "Upload," just below "Options."

Step 4. Tap the key next to "Upload" to activate the backup.

How to set up backup

OneDrive has several functions to customize the copy of images according to the needs and preferences of the user. Here's how to set up image upload.
"Upload using": In this option, the user can set whether they want the application to upload images only on Wi-Fi or the 4G / 3G network as well. Choose Wi-Fi if you want to save your data plan. If you have a good franchise and want to guarantee copies of your images, especially in the event of a robbery or loss of the device, activate charging on the mobile network.

"Additional folders": Each Android application usually saves photos in its folder in the device memory. Go to this option and check the folders you want to backup.

"Charge only on charging": This option will force OneDrive to backup images only when the phone is plugged in and recharging the battery. Thus, the application will avoid consuming energy while the user is on the street, for example.

"Include videos": Check this option if you want OneDrive also to upload videos. Remember that as they are too heavy, videos can consume lots of data if they load up on the 3G connection and also reach their storage limit on the service.

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