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How to disable or remove extensions in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari

Extensions (Plugins, add-ons) can increase browser functions and offer some features that make the user's life easier. But in large numbers, they can slow the browser down. Older plugins that are abandoned by their developers can also become a problem because they become incompatible with the latest versions of browsers or still suffer from security breaches. So, check out the tutorial below, how to remove or disable the extensions installed in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Google Chrome

Step 1. Click the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the browser, go to the "More Tools" option and then click the "Extensions" option;

Step 2. Now just choose "disable, enable or delete the browser extension."


Step 1. Click the icon of the three dashes in the upper right corner of the browser and then the "Add-Ons" option;

Step 2. Now you just have to "enable, disable or remove the desired add-ons."


Step 1. Click the "Speed ​​Dial" icon in the upper left corner and then "Extensions";
Step 2. Now choose between the options to disable, remove from the toolbar, allow in the private browsing mode or its removal. To remove the extension just click on the X that exists in the upper right corner of the extension.


Step 1. Click the Safari menu and then Preferences;
Step 2. Now just choose the extension and click Uninstall.

All extensions can be downloaded and installed as many times as the user wants free and fast through the official stores of each browser.


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