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Doesn't the Memory card format? Learn how to fix it!

Camera memory cards, mobile phones, and other devices are almost useless when they are full, and not always the computer can format them completely and free up space. This is for several reasons, is infection by viruses or corrupted content stored on the SD card. In such cases, it is common to see the message "Windows was unable to complete the format."

If this happens, the simplest solution is to use a particular program for formatting. In the tutorial below, see how to do this and learn other tips for your computer with Windows or Mac.

Recover your data

Before formatting the card, try to recover data possibly corrupted. Such data may not only be causing the formatting error as can be valuable to you.

Check the protection switch

Make sure the SD card protection switch is activated. It lies on the side of the card and can be moved up or down to lock or unlock the device against modification. Turn the key and try formatting again.

Use a formatting tool

Step 1. Download and install the SD Card Formatter, an SD card formatting program for Windows and Mac that works with SD standards, SDHC and SDXC.

Step 2. Open the SD Card Formatter and access options in the "Option."

Step 3. "Format Type" select "Full (Erase)" and click"OK."

Step 4. Click "Format" to start formatting.

Finally, the SD card is properly formatted, with the memory clean and ready to be used again on your camera or mobile phone.

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