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How To Customize Android 'Reboot' Menu - The Easy Way

What options do you get with a long-press of the "Power Button" in your Android device? How about customizing it? Here is the easy way to customize Android Reboot options in your device.

Customize Android Reboot Menu - Cover
With a long press of Android device's Power Button, we get some options like – Power Off, Reboot, Profiles etc. Or in some cases you might be getting just one option - "Power Off". You may like to add other options like Reboot. You must surely be wanting even more to have some options like – Reboot in Recovery Mode or Download Mode or Flashlight for that matter. Here is the easy way to do that. All you need is that your device must be rooted and a handy App called Xposed Installer. Let do it!

Customize Android Reboot - Easy Steps

Step 1. Download and Run Xposed Installer.

Customize Android Reboot Menu - Xposed App Link

Download link - http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.robv.android.xposed.installer

Customize Android Reboot Menu - Xposed Installing

You will need to grant root access permission to the App, which is pretty much the same with similar Apps before installation and a Reboot which is a routine after installation. But don't worry, those will be very quick with it.
Customize Android Reboot Menu - SuperUser Request

Step 2. We are almost done to by now to customize Android reboot. All we have to do here is to run the framework. And in that look for "Advanced Power Menu". Activate/ Enable that App and launch it to customize Android reboot in our device.

Customize Android Reboot Menu - Advanced Power Menu

Customize Android Reboot Menu - Advanced Power Menu Ticked

Step 3. Now, you are all set with the customize android reboot options.

Customize Android Reboot Menu - Customized

You can also further personalize the options with it in the Xposed Advanced Power Menu App. 

Customize Android Reboot Menu - Customize Options

There are also many other features that this App offers. Play around and let us know and share your experience. Share knowledge with your friends.


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