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All you need to know before buying an action cam

For those who want to purchase a cam action, several details can influence the purchase. From the data sheet and other manufacturer characteristics, you can find out what action camera is ideal for the desired user experience.

Some tips are useful to help you choose the device that best suits your profile. It is important to verify, for example, if the water resistance is dependent on an extra case, the recording quality. To learn more about these and other tips, check the list below.

1) Is it waterproof ? With or without case?

Most action cam models come with an extra case to leave the fully fenced equipment and waterproof. The advantage is that this increases the resistance at greater depths, ideal for those who enjoy diving or make adventurous trips.

2) Shoots Full HD or 4K?

For those looking for an action cam for personal travel or the daily, recording in Full HD (1080p) should be sufficient to record moments in high quality. The advantage is that, with Full HD, the user can record longer, as it usually consumes less battery than 4K, and store a larger amount of videos on the memory card.

Recording in 4K has higher resolution and is suitable for most demanding users who do professional filming or who want maximum quality. The downside is that it consumes more camera battery and takes up more space on the microSD card. Furthermore, the models are more expensive and can weigh in who's pocket is willing to invest in his first action cam.

3) How to know if the battery worth it?

Action cameras do not come with batteries as powerful as traditional cameras. The load duration can be affected by the resolution of the video: higher quality, as a 4K, more battery should consume in comparison with HD.
An action cam tip is to invest in a model that supports the exchange of battery for carrying extra loads if you make a trip to more remote locations such as camps

4) How to know which has the best accessories?

Action cameras are versatile with the use of accessories and GoPro, for example, can be fixed on helmets, bikes, surfboards, selfie bat and more sports and adventure equipment. Generally, it is integrated into a threaded connector or base for setting on tripods and other accessories securely. You can find more details about the accessories compatible with the camera before buying.

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