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5 functions that can improve the performance of your SmartPhone

Over time, it is common for Android devices become slow. That happens due to several factors, among which stands out the subsequent app installation and uninstallation. Fortunately, you can take steps to work around this problem. See the tips below and let your Smartphone as fast at the beginning.

1. Delete the apps you don’t use

The first step to making Android more fluid is to remove the apps that are not used. Like any computer program, they spend memory and fragment the storage unit, causing the system to take longer to find the data you need.
To uninstall an app, first among the device settings, go to "Device" and select the "App" option. Find the service you want to delete, tap on it and press the "Uninstall" button.

Another simple way to delete a program is to enter the application tray, keep your finger pressed on the specific icon and drag it to the trash, which will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Make it a habit and when you stop using a service, delete it from your Android.

2. Delete unnecessary files from the gallery

Another way to free up space is to delete unnecessary files from your device. Photos and videos captured with the camera, downloaded from the Internet or files transferred via messenger conversations with friends are shown in the gallery. Enter the app, rate content and discard what is not being used. The procedure can be tiring if you have many files saved, but it is a way to ensure that there will delete anything important.

Access the "Downloads" folder in the app tray. You will probably find several files that not even remember downloading. To delete them, tap and hold briefly an item. Then select all you want to remove and click the Trash icon. To facilitate the process, select the grid display mode, which displays thumbnails.

Finally, go to the settings and enter the "Storage" page. Scroll down until you reach the "other" option, which should be selected. A list of various files used by applications appears. Select only those you sure you do not need and delete them.
3. Clean the cached data

Cached data may also interfere with cell slowdowns. To remove the cache of a single app, go to the application information (described in the first topic) and click "Clear Cache." But if you want to clear the cache of all apps at the same time, between the "Storage" page, through the settings, and select "cached data." In the dialog box that its showed, click "Ok."

4. Format your memory Card

If your Android has input to the memory card, it's good to keep it organized and garbage free to ensure proper performance. By formatting, you often will ensure that the data present are useful, since the backup you can evaluate the items carefully. To save the files, turn off the phone and remove the microSD. Place the media in an adapter to insert it into the computer.
Create a folder on the desktop intended for a backup card. Open the file manager, copy all the SD content and paste it into the created directory. Then, remove the media from the computer, detach the microSD adapter and enter the smartphone again. Turn on the device and enter the "Storage" section. Enter "SD Card" and confirm by pressing the "Delete SD card" button.

Turn off the phone again and repeat the procedure to put the memory card in the computer. Then, download the files you need to be in the backup directory of the card. Insert the SD back on Android and connect the phone. If any app is experiencing an error, reinstall it using the Google Play Store.

5. Reset Android

If none of these options works out and your Android is still slow, the better way is to reset it. Almost everyone knows, but it is important to note: return to factory settings will erase all apps, videos, photos, messages or any changes that have been made on the device after you buy it. If this is what you really want, between the settings, go to "Custom" and select "Backup and reset." There, click on "Factory data reset."

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