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Wanna extend trial period of any software and use them forever? You need to try this!

These days we use a lot of softwares. Some are free and some are paid. Some are just free for sometime like 30 days and after that you need to buy the premium product to use that software with full functionality. When you have problem with paying money, you look for alternatives like downloading that software from torrent with which a lot of unwanted links and files could be attached already which can sometime harm your computer and act as a major threat to the security of your computer. You don’t want to go for that risk surely. So do you need to pay for the software? Not really! I will tell you a way which would save your money and no risk is involved. But for one second you gonna think, Is it really possible? But you forget that technology is the best solution to any problems. We will be using software called RunAsdate. We will first look at what RunAsdate is all about and then the steps to extend the trial.

RunAsDate is a kind of small utility that allows user to run a program in the date and time specified by the user himself. What it does is that it injects the date and time that user specify into the application or the program rather than changing the current time system. The benefit is that you can run multiple applications and the time system of your system runs normally. How it actually works is none of your concern. You simply need to install it rather than going into the complexities that how the software works.


1. First of all download RunAsDate from its official website http://runasdate.en.lo4d.com/ .
2. Install the software in your PC.
3. What you need to do now is run the trial version of any of the software.
4. You need to wait for the trial version to expire or use the software whose trial version already expired. When expired, right click on the software and select RunAsDate.
5. You can fill the dates as you need and run the software.

Just few easy steps and you save a lot of your bucks that you were going to spend on the premium version of the software. Another Software you could use is Timestopper and it works in the similar manner and will do the same job for you. By this you can use any software for lifetime. Try this out and do come back with your feedbacks in the comments down below.


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