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Unroot your Android Device in a single step!!

Rooting an Android device has become a trend these days. Even some of the phone making companies give warranty even after you root the phone. They promote people to root their Android phones. But these days we know many methods to root a device, but what about unrooting the same device. Sometimes after root, your phone becomes slow or has bugs then you need to unroot your device. Then how to do so? We have come up with a very easy method to so. You just need to install an App. So which are the Apps you gonna use? We will discuss two Apps and you can use any of them. Both will perform the same job for you.

So the Apps are:


1. Download the PC version of KingoRoot Android and then you need to launch it on your computer. Now you need to connect your phone or tablet to the computer through a USB cable. Do remember your USB debugging mode must be enabled on your Android device.

2. Your device would be connected and you would get two options called “Remove Root” and “Root again.” Choose “Remove Root”. It will start unrooting and you will see a message “Remove Reboot” succeeded.


1. Download SuperSU app from Google Play store and install it.

2. Launch the app and go to its settings. Look for “Full Unroot” option in “Cleanup” section and tap on it.

3. A confirmation message will pop up on screen. Simply tap on continue as shown in above screenshot.
4. Just you need to restart your device and process has been completed.

These were the easiest ways to unroot any Android device. Do try these Apps and come back with your feedbacks in the comments down below.


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24 January 2017 at 00:40

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