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Save Data!! Block Internet Access in Specific Apps on Android!!

Just imagine your Smartphone without the internet. Yes, it can’t be imagined. At least I can’t. So you need to save the things without which you can’t imagine your life. The Internet is one of those things. You can’t every time pay huge prices for unlimited data plans. You have to save data. So how can you do that? Stop using the internet. No, off course not. Actually, the thing is that many of the Applications on Android use internet bandwidth running in the background. Messaging Apps like WhatsApp and FB messenger requires all-time internet access or even mailing Apps requires all-time internet. So what are the ways to save data?

1. Using Android’s built-in feature:

Go to settings of your Android Phone and then go to Data usage. On the right corner, you would see three dots. Click on that and you will see an option called Restrict background data. Then you will see a pop-up box, simply click on OK.

However, Android N which is the latest version of Android includes an option called Data Saver Mode. It restricts background data usage on all the apps. However, you have the option to allow unrestricted access to the apps you want.

2. Using Third-party Apps:

Using third party apps also helps you to block internet access to some of the Apps. There are many Apps that do the same job and some of them are:

a) Mobiwal:
Mobiwal is available for free on Google Play Store. After installing the mobiwal App, open the App. You will see an option called “Firewall Rules” which will contain all the Apps on your device including the System Applications. You need to tap on either mobile data or wifi icon to disable the connection for that particular App. Do not change any settings for the system Apps which could result in phones functioning. After this, you need to go back to the main page of the App and turn on Firewall status. Then press OK.

b) Netguard:
Netguard is also a similar App which provides more functionality then Mobiwal. It along with blocking internet access also allows users to use conditions like Wi-Fi/Mobile data when the screen is on and even block the internet while roaming. But the thing is the paid version of netguard is packed with a lot of features like logging out network speed, outgoing traffic etc.

There are many similar Apps available on Playstore. These are best of them. Do try these methods and do come back with your feedbacks in the comments section below.


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