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Hide the specific call logs and sms in your Android Phone

In today’s world of privacy how can our call logs and sms be seen by others? There are special calls which you don’t know the world to know about. These call logs and sms that you want to hide could be from your girlfriend/boyfriend or close friends or anybody with whom you share close bond and you don’t want others to know about this bond. Totally understandable! So we have a tool that could actually help you. It’s an Application on your Android Phone called Shady contacts. This App will help to maintain privacy from the world. You will see the benefit of this App whenever some friend asks for your phone for any reason. You will have no worry about your secrets relations being revealed especially when they are special building relations and you don’t know about the future of that relation. Simply could be used to hide call logs and sms from specific people and reveal your private information.

So the steps to do same are:

1. Go to Playstore and download App called Shady Contacts and install it.

2. When you open the App, you would see a continue button. Just tap on it.

3. Now it will take you to next screen which will ask you to draw a pattern that will be used to lock and access your hidden call logs and sms.

4. Redraw the same pattern.

5. Now select the contacts whose details you want to hide from your call history and exit the App.

And the process is completed. Now no one will be see the call logs and sms from the contacts you selected. Do try this App and share your feedback in the comments down below.


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